Martin Wheeler Really Knows How to Multi-Task

As you probably know, Systema highly values relaxation and offers a variety of drills that challenge the mind and body to calm down and work through tension.

Perhaps no one impresses quite like Martin Wheeler who has demonstrated multiple amusing feats of relaxation, such as removing a pretty form fitting t-shirt with just teeth, movement, and the floor in Vladimir VAsiliev’s “Clothing as a Weapon.” In this video, Martin Wheeler controls a knife attacker as he moves with hands gripped behind his back–as if that wasn’t enough, he also attempts to get his locked hands to the front of his body. See the video here.

That kind of relaxation doesn’t come cheap!

You can find more details about Martin Wheeler at
Martin Wheeler will join us at Reliance Martial Arts October 24th and 25th for a two-day seminar on groundfighting and knifework.

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